Corporate Solutions

About Corporate Solutions

Beth began her career in 1985 with the Lucas Group in Atlanta. After a successful four year tenure there, Beth established her own business, Corporate Solutions, in 1989.

The growth of Corporate Solutions has paralleled the growth of the city of Atlanta. An Atlanta native, Beth has had the opportunity to observe and track the historical pulse of the City’s corporate growth along with changing employment demands, using this vital information to facilitate successful recruitment goals.

The enduring success of Corporate Solutions is based on Beth’s capacity to match the right client with the right talent. Fueled by a strong work ethic that includes attention to the smallest detail and an unerring view of the big picture, Beth has established a reputation for creating the perfect match, mutually beneficial to all parties.


The fundamental aspects of scrupulous research, basic hard work, and a determination to place the best candidate with the best position are the foundations of our recruitment strategies. Self-described as a 24/7 recruiter, Beth is accessible and engaged until the job is done.

Instinct plays a strong role in our work. Her good sense of people allows her to assess what works when viewing a placement. Her extensive experience allows her to negotiate the intricacies of differing corporate cultures with ease and finesse.


Corporate Solutions has established long-term relationships with clients, some lasting 25 years and more. They serve a broad range of clients in differing disciplines, from C-Suite Executive positions to high level Marketing positions, Accounting and Administrative support. By surpassing the standard expectations of the recruitment industry, Corporate Solutions has achieved a reputation for trust and excellence in the Business community.